25 December 2007

Happyish Christmas!

Happy Happy!, originally uploaded by knautia.

24 December 2007

Seasonal graff!

snowman, pre-lines, originally uploaded by knautia.

23 December 2007

the way is in the heart

the way is in the heart, originally uploaded by knautia.

22 December 2007

outside Bridewell

outside Bridewell, originally uploaded by knautia.

20 December 2007

12 Days of Xmas

eyes, originally uploaded by knautia.

I've been loving the amazing 12 Days of Xmas show - over 70 graffiti artists (and my photos) in the cells and offices of Bridewell, the ex-police station in the heart of Bristol. It's just huge, and so amazing - with installations in the cells, a huge range of art, and now an online shop for people who can't make it to the show.... check the site, www.12daysofxmas.co.uk.....

This is possibly my favourite bit of the show - installation by Filthy Luker. Well, it's my favourite today, I keep changing my mind...

My photos of the show will live here, and my pics of Bridewell before the show was up are here....

13 December 2007


ok, next big and exciting thing - the graffle!

You buy a ticket for £5. You could win art by banksy, Nick Walker, Jamie Reid, Xenz, Dicy, Motorboy, yaka and many many more...... and if you don't (and if you do) all proceeds go to Bristol children's charities.

They're having an opening party at Bridewell tomorrow (Friday 14th Dec) at the 12 Days of Xmas show, 8-10pm. Then you can buy tickets from selected outlets until the draw on 18th January at Guerilla Gallery.

Sounds pretty fab to me, but don't take my word for it, check the website: www.graffle.co.uk and spread the word!

9 December 2007

famous bristolians: Cathy Barry

famous bristolians: Cathy Barry, originally uploaded by knautia.

5 December 2007

De Baron says cool

De Baron says cool, originally uploaded by knautia.

4 December 2007


window, originally uploaded by knautia.

3 December 2007

no aagh

temple, originally uploaded by knautia.