27 June 2011


Cheo sketchplace, originally uploaded by knautia.

I love Cheo - so I can't believe it took me this long to get to his studio.

Check out his online store as well - full of lovely stuff, the man's a warped genius!

26 June 2011


torn, originally uploaded by knautia.

I liked this pasteup a lot when it was fresh, but I like it better torn

25 June 2011


Chalked, originally uploaded by knautia.


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24 June 2011


stickers, originally uploaded by knautia.

Street Summer streetart competition

I love Cheba, he's a great artist and a lovely bloke, so when I was sent this, of COURSE I am happy to send it out! Everything in italics is from the press release... If you don't like it, you don't have to enter, right?


Street artists, writers and vandals join Channel 4’s Street Summer here! Enter your work to win!

Don’t Panic is running a design competition on the Don’t Panic site for all budding designers, graffiti and street artists to come up with a creative design. The winners of the competition will have their design used as an advertisement for Channel 4’s Street Summer schedule of programming, as well as having their design printed on postcards and the Don’t Panic Poster to be distributed around the UK.

The regional winner will have the opportunity to work with top Bristol graffiti artist Cheba, and the national winner will receive various prizes including their work printed onto 80,000 posters and distributed nationwide.

Working with Cheba would be a massive opportunity for any up and coming street artist, he founded the Weapon of Choice gallery and his shows always sellout. Some might say he’s the corner stone for the Bristol graffiti community, working tirelessly giving people opportunities working alongside more established artists, which he's done with weapon of choice for years. Bristol's graffiti uncle of the moment.

The focus of the competition is to find new talent to help promote Street Summer across the UK in the only way which makes sense; using the competition winners’ designs as massive outdoor advertisements.

The winning entries need to represent one of the five elements of street culture which the Street Summer season is featuring: street dance, urban sports, spoken word, hip hop and street art.

Entrants will represent their region and the winning piece for each region will appear in a major city from their part of the UK.

The 7 competition regions are:
South East
South West
Midlands and East

Prizes include:

- Winning entrants will be paid £300 for the use of their artwork
- Winners will have their design displayed on a premium outdoor space for two weeks (04th August to 18th August)
- Winners will get the opportunity to work with an established street artist from their region of the UK
- Winners’ work will feature on the Don’t Panic Poster and on postcards which will be distributed across the UK in Don’t Panic Packs
- Winners will be featured in a short film about their work

The competition will run from 13th June to 17th July. Voting will run from 01st July to 17th July.

Watch Cheba's video

23 June 2011


pasteup, originally uploaded by knautia.

19 June 2011

I belong here...

I belong here..., originally uploaded by knautia.

16 June 2011


pasteup, originally uploaded by knautia.