30 June 2009

Ashley Road

Ashley Road, originally uploaded by knautia.


tags, originally uploaded by knautia.

29 June 2009


pasteup, originally uploaded by knautia.

It's huge! You can see it with some size context here, and details here and here

28 June 2009


Raek, originally uploaded by knautia.

26 June 2009


BS51, originally uploaded by knautia.

money bird

money bird, originally uploaded by knautia.

Motorboy makes me feels mighty real

25 June 2009

RIP Troy Atkinson

RIP Troy Atkinson, originally uploaded by knautia.

24 June 2009


117, originally uploaded by knautia.

Mad scientist

Mad scientist, originally uploaded by knautia.

23 June 2009


Wonder, originally uploaded by knautia.


Pengzilla!, originally uploaded by knautia.

In the Tunnel

22 June 2009

Take one and shut up

Take one and shut up, originally uploaded by knautia.

Battling it out on the internet's no fun

How graffiti is made

How graffiti is made, originally uploaded by knautia.

and what they were making:


21 June 2009

Glostonbury - 26th - 28th June

I love the Glostonbury Festival at the Golden Lion pub

Last year it was barbeques, skating, live painting and other excitements all weekend - this year it should be more of the same on Saturday and Sunday, with live music Friday - Sunday nights

Golden Lion, 244 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS1 8NZ


Soker, originally uploaded by knautia.

20 June 2009


face, originally uploaded by knautia.

19 June 2009


Cheo, originally uploaded by knautia.

I love this wall so much!

Sepr, Epok, 3dom, Cheo, Piro and Soker





And the Deaner in some kind of context! Click through to get to the individual walls:


18 June 2009


stencil, originally uploaded by knautia.

16 June 2009


Pigeons, originally uploaded by knautia.

15 June 2009

tagged and buffed

tagged and buffed, originally uploaded by knautia.

14 June 2009


heart, originally uploaded by knautia.

12 June 2009


Copyright, originally uploaded by knautia.

Does anyone not know the Banksy show opens tomorrow?

At Bristol Museum



Andy Council

Andy Council, originally uploaded by knautia.

It's not graff, but it's Andy Council, and I adore his stuff, however it comes

10 June 2009

Suck it now

Suck it now, originally uploaded by knautia.

9 June 2009

Boyd Hill at Upfest

Boyd Hill, originally uploaded by knautia.

And Acer below - both pieces unfinished. For more on Upfest, see a few posts down


8 June 2009

Mother Beef

Mother Beef, originally uploaded by knautia.

7 June 2009

over protected

over protected, originally uploaded by knautia.

6 June 2009

Snikk, fisheye

fisheye, originally uploaded by knautia.


So, Upfest. I didn't have high hopes really, but I wasn't expecting it to be that strange.

For a start, having an event held in a car park is a bit random - not enough places to sit etc, not really big enough to move round. £4 to get out there as well, and then once out, there was a feeling of sterility to it. I couldn't put my finger on it, but then I realised. Usually when people paint together, they discuss what they're doing, and connect it somehow. So the fences at the Bristol Festival were painted by a huge number of people, but there was a 'flow' to them, even if the styles etc were different. Or if people just come and paint on a wall that's already painted, there's usually something done to connect the piece to what's there. But here it was just pieces next to each other, with pretty much no connections, and no attempt to join them together. Some of the writers I spoke to told me about how the people they were painting next to just weren't interested in that aspect - so it makes me wonder how much of the 'flow' is cultural to Bristol. I know in Barcelona there's a huge collaboration culture, and the stuff I've seen round Brick Lane, Southwark and Hackney - but maybe that's the exception? I can't imagine it is, so maybe it's something to do with the intention of the Fest? Something about the focus on having as many people there as possible, not on making it the best graff it could be?

It felt like was that it was a bit of a zoo of graff writers. People coming up and staring, getting close with no interaction with the writers - it felt a hundred miles from the atmosphere painting 'in the wild'. Everything I like about hanging out with graffiti artists felt missing - the cameraderie (in general - the groups chatting around Soker and Acer's pieces, f'rinstance, felt much more normal), the mellowness and the feeling of brotherhood. Sometimes I feel so out of place being a girl-but-not-girlfriend hanging around, because there's such a feeling of family amongst the blokes - but here I just felt weird.

It felt different in different sites though. The garage on North Street was just frantic, hundreds of stencillers inside, and no one local. By the time I got to the pub on Greenway Bush Lane I was doubting how I feel about graff - maybe I've just seen too much in these last 12 months? But then seeing the wall there, especially Jody and the lovely bloke whose name I didn't catch*, it all made sense again. It was like a finger down my spine - seeing how amazing graff can be again - and talking to them, especially about how they'd talked beforehand about what they were doing and how it would fit, reaffirmed the notion that the best graff relates to what's around it. It doesn't have to be slavish, it just has to take notice. Some really lovely pieces - will definitely go back and grab some shots when it's done.

It was fun to see so many people, and hang out and chat - and there were some nice pieces. It's just it didn't work as well as it could have done, and as an event felt soul-less. Someone told me that's the difference between events organised by writers and those that aren't.

* Edit: it was Boyd Hill, and I loved his stuff. Thanks Jody!

4 June 2009


Deaner, originally uploaded by knautia.

Sometimes I feel like I need to give more context to the graff - and at the moment all 3 of the walls at the bottom of the Deaner look fantastic.

This should really be printed out huge, taped into a circle and worn round your head, revolving slowly...

Also circular graff in a way - Ziml slope to Ziml & Cheo, to Cheo & Boswell to Boswell, Soker, 3dom, Turroe, Shade One & Pen - woo!

If you click through the photo you'll find links to the individual walls


3dom, originally uploaded by knautia.

There's so much that's good on this wall - Boswell, Soker, 3dom, Turroe, Shade One and Pen... Superb!


3 June 2009


Rubbish, originally uploaded by knautia.

2 June 2009

Mudwig has a beef system

Mudwig has a beef system, originally uploaded by knautia.