20 July 2009


Motorboy, originally uploaded by knautia.

Paris, Stokes Croft

Paris, Stokes Croft, originally uploaded by knautia.

happy flying bus

happy flying bus, originally uploaded by knautia.

6 July 2009

Great Birds - great show!

If you're in London, you definitely should see Great Birds of the British Isles, featuring Bristol graffiti artists, photographers, artists and all round great birds K148, Amour, Dora and Milk,

The Oblong Gallery, 69A Southgate Road, London, N1 3JS

PRIVATE VIEW 10th July 2009, 6pm till 9pm - then 'til 9th August

(For those not in London, they'll be coming to Bristol in September too...)

3 July 2009

graff at speed

train graff, originally uploaded by knautia.

Taken out of the moving train window - I love trackside graff

Steal from Work - Street Art Dealer

Do not use, originally uploaded by knautia.

I've been hanging out taking photos of the space for Steal From Work's latest project - here's what their Press Release says about it:

Before we take a well deserved break for the summer we've hooked up with C6, originators of the Street Art Dealer project, to stage a series of installations, interventions, events and urban games that combine art with QR Code technology (2D barcodes that encode information like hidden weblinks) to take art out of the gallery and on to the streets and bring a new interactive dynamic to public art.

Tomoko Takahashi - Turner Prize nominee, known for sprawling installations examining chaos and producing her first new work for quite a while.

James Powderly - From Graffiti Research Lab who has been pioneering fusing open source technology with graffiti all across the world.

Zeus - who has been pushing traditional graffiti since the mid 80s, and recently hit the headlines when he produced a street art monopoly board.

BEAM - a huge collaborative installation piece by local artists Joseph Watts and Haywood Slucutt simulating a warped architectural explosion meets anamorphosis.

Sebastian Lowsley-Williams - who here will attempt to modify the city's more hidden walls with paintings opposing more usual street art...

There's an installation in an old shop, a interactive urban game and several installations hidden amongst the city's public spaces, plus a free limited edition print. All of which need you to participate using your mobile camera phone and QR Code technology (don't worry it's dead easy).

We will be based in an former shop in the centre of Broadmead (Bristol's old shopping heart) which is where information to start hunting for the hidden pieces & play the games will be.

Opening night Thursday 9th July 6-9.30pm,
show runs 10th-31st July, Thur-Sat 12-7pm & Sun 12-4pm

74-76 Horsefair (formerly Stationary World), Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3JS

More information here and my photos of the space here

1 July 2009


Rowdy, originally uploaded by knautia.