31 March 2009

Keep calm and carry on

Keep calm and carry on, originally uploaded by knautia.

I know I blogged this the other day, but I love it so much, here's an alternate view (and another one here...)

Threenine @ the Golden Lion

Threenine @ the Golden Lion, originally uploaded by Threenine-39.

OK, so I don't know how long this is on for, but it's up at the Golden Lion - work from Cheo, Lokey, Paul Boswell, Cons, Zase and more. Worth a look in for sure.

(You'll note I've pinched this from ThreeNine's Flickr - but it's definitely also worth checking his site at www.threenine.eu where you can buy gorgeous prints from some damn fine artists, including all of these. If I had cash, etc etc, I'd definitely have on of the Cheo prints...)

Easter Cheo

Cheo, originally uploaded by knautia.

On this wall

30 March 2009

Telepathic Workshop

Telepathic Workshop, originally uploaded by knautia.

29 March 2009

Next Weapon of Choice: Vermin and Tarqs, Souls on Fire

woc-April-09-fly-update, originally uploaded by cheba.

Next Weapon of Choice is 14th April - Vermin and Tarqs from Souls on Fire.... booze, tunes and graff...

Justice - new show at the Long Arm Gallery

Steal From Work are back in the cells at the old Bridewell police station for their next show....

'Justice' a group show featuring installations, photography, prints and stuff from C215, Dan23 and Bruno Leyval from France, and Least Wanted from the USA

Also included in the show is work taken from two recently released books; 'Least Wanted' (featuring a century's worth of mug shots) and C215's now legendary 'Stencil History X'.

Opening night
Friday 3rd April, 8pm-10.30pm

Then open until 27th April, I think - Thursday - Saturday, 12pm-7pm, Sunday, 12pm-4pm, and by appontment (phone 07794 331 424)
The Old Bridewell Police Station, Bridewell Street, Bristol, BS1 3PY
(just round the corner from the old fire station, big brown doors by the zebra crossing)
For more information see http://www.stealfromwork.org/#justice">the website


Queenie, originally uploaded by knautia.

Look up

Look up, originally uploaded by knautia.

28 March 2009

Room 4, Crimes of Passion

Room 4, Crimes of Passion, originally uploaded by knautia.

Dan (through the doorway), Kato, Soker, Cheo, Seza , Ponk, Feek, Soker, Ziml, Cheo and Filthy Luker installation at Crimes of Passion - huge graffiti show at the Royal West of England Academy - 21st March - 3rd May

It'll be accompanied by a whole host of events - film nights at the Cube, huge outdoor painting, workshops for kids, gallery talks, free entry days... check out the website!

For pics of the show being put together from start to finish, see my set here

See also a feature on the show from BBC local news here


wallface, originally uploaded by knautia.


pasteup, originally uploaded by knautia.

27 March 2009

Keep calm and carry on

Keep calm and carry on, originally uploaded by knautia.

Souls on Fire

Souls on Fire, originally uploaded by knautia.

24 March 2009

Wet Paint

Wet Paint, originally uploaded by knautia.

21 March 2009

The monkey investigation

The monkey investigation, originally uploaded by knautia.

19 March 2009

Wot no Banksy

Wot no Banksy, originally uploaded by knautia.

Crimes on TV

The first Crimes of Passion opening was last night - it opens again tomorrow, and then opens to the public on Saturday, if that makes sense...

But you can catch a preview of it on the BBC here - got to love that local news... And my teaser shots here (which'll have the 'making 0f' shots once the show opens to the public.

There's going to be lots of outdoor painting, a film weekend at the Cube Microplex 10th - 13th April, talks, tours, and possibly a photography show... It's crazy though, there's not been anything else like it at the RWA - the giant inflatable Filthy Luker tentacles over the staid front of the building are worth the trip up there just by themselves....

16 March 2009

Marx was right!

Marx was right!, originally uploaded by knautia.

12 March 2009

Crimes of Passion

cans, originally uploaded by knautia.

So I haven't been blogging much because i've been out of my head on fumes taking pics as the in credible Crimes of Passion graffiti show being put on at the Royal West of England Academy.

Over 50 artists, all who live and work, or haved lived and worked in Bristol. There's no point listing them, check the website....

The show runs from Saturday 21st March to 2nd May, and there are a whole host of events - including free entry to the gallery on Saturday 11th April (it's normally £5 entry - and a whole host of outdoor painting....

I'll say more later - but in the meantime imagine me full of paint fumes and kind of insane....

5 March 2009

Back When

Back When, originally uploaded by knautia.


Pasteup, originally uploaded by knautia.