29 January 2010

Soker show 30th January

soker, originally uploaded by knautia.

OK, all I know about this one is that the amazing Soker, the absolute king of Wildstyle, is having a show tomorrow at the Golden Lion Pub on the Gloucester Road. No idea what time it starts (guessing maybe 7? 8?) assuming some kind of music and painting, and I *think* it's on for 4 weeks.

But everyone should go, just in case, because Soker is incredible, I love the way he just rocks up and makes the most amazing lettering, beautiful style. My pics of his stuff here

45rpm Fanzine

Free Fanzine, originally uploaded by 45rpm WHAT.

This photo is from 45rpm, not taken by me. Under it, he says

"Just got around to making a fanzine of my trip to New York New York. Loads of graffiti photos from Earsnot, Nekst, ATG, Ja one etc etc.
You can view it online and download it for free in the link below, over 100 full colour photos..."


And you do really need to look at it, it's amazing

28 January 2010

Demz - faded

Demz - faded, originally uploaded by knautia.

27 January 2010

Cheo Show 6th February

new show.....i love satuayz!, originally uploaded by CHEO_BRISTOL.

At the Golden Guinea, Redcliffe - with live music and live painting

Saturday 6th February 2010, 4pm - 2am

19 Guinea Street, Bristol, BS1 6SX

All politicians are Muppets

All politicians are Muppets, originally uploaded by knautia.

26 January 2010


tunnel, originally uploaded by knautia.

25 January 2010


Chrome, originally uploaded by knautia.

24 January 2010

Stickers fade over time

sickboy, originally uploaded by knautia.

(but I still love them)

23 January 2010

headless chicken

headless chicken, originally uploaded by knautia.

22 January 2010


monster, originally uploaded by knautia.

21 January 2010

I don't know who you are, Peter, but this one's for you

For you, Peter, originally uploaded by knautia.

There's got to be perfect place to take this shot from... aside from the student flats it's got to be aimed at....

20 January 2010

Big wall

Film pano, originally uploaded by knautia.

I loved this wall so much - Eko, Ziml, Paris, Feek and Xenz from months back

19 January 2010

RIP Infoe

I never met Infoe, but my thoughts are with all his friends and family

3dom - RIP Infoe

Ziml - RIP Infoe

Tall Wall - 19th January '10 - RIP Infoe

Even the snow gets painted in Bristol

Snow graffiti!, originally uploaded by knautia.

18 January 2010

frost on graff

frost on graff, originally uploaded by knautia.

16 January 2010

The first graff of the coming election

15 January 2010


Chessels snowman, originally uploaded by knautia.

OK, even I can't claim snowmen are graffiti, but they definitely come under the banner of "street art", right? And like other kinds of streetart, Bristol does them *very* well!

Redcliffe snowmen

North Street snowman

Sick in the snow

Sick in the snow, originally uploaded by knautia.

I really miss Sickboy's graff....

14 January 2010


stencil, originally uploaded by knautia.

13 January 2010

Jef Row - D*Frost, Triple S Gallery, 15th - 24th January

jef row monkey, zenit-style, originally uploaded by knautia.

I absolutely love Jef Row

These are old pieces, but from Friday there's loads of his new work at the Triple S Gallery on North Street in Bedminster

Pinched from their press release:


Following on from its first successful exhibition in December ‘09,
Southville’s new gallery, Triple S, will be hosting D*VOLVE, by Bristol collaboration D*FROST, running Saturday 16th January to Sunday 24th January.

**Opening night 15th January 7-9pm. All welcome. Music provided by
Barry Guffy and friends from Space Invader radio.com**

After a 10 year abscence from the South Bristol art scene, D*FROST
returns. Bringing back together Jef Row and Andrew Stott in a show
celebrating old and new work with new perspectives on techniques and mediums.

D*VOLVE includes the first artwork they made in 1997 for the exhibition 'Sole' at Eat the Beat record shop, original fridge doors painted between 2000 and the present day as well as new large scale collaborative work. Their social/political commentary on consumerism and waste often poses questions and provokes thought. As the pair say, "we are compelled to paint, as artists we feel we are beholden to make commentary on what's happening around us ... by whatever means"

200 North Street, Bedminster

Everyone should go, this will be a very good one

Our revenge for your attacks on our planet will continue!!

Sepr and Soker

Sepr and Soker, originally uploaded by knautia.

9 January 2010

Sunny graff, snowy Deaner

8th January '10 - Tall wall, originally uploaded by knautia.

7 January 2010


skateramp, originally uploaded by knautia.

4 January 2010


1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Copyright's rose petal soup, originally uploaded by knautia.

Here's to a great 2010.....


stickers, originally uploaded by knautia.