30 June 2008


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Graffle update

copied and pasted from Z303's post in the Bristol graff flickr group

Just got a new update:

All preparations are going full steam ahead in the graffle camp and
the clock is ticking, this year we will be holding 2 exhibitions firstly in London and then in Bristol where the grand draw will be hosted.

* Tickets are £10 each
* Tickets will be on sale at both the shows up until the night of the draw.
* Online tickets are on sale from Friday 18 July to Wednesday 10 September 08.
* Artwork that has been donated for the graffle will be displayed on www.graffle.co.uk from 18 July 08.
* Each artwork prize will be given a unique number. On the night of the draw an artwork number will be selected at random from a hat. The prize winners ticket will then be drawn from a second hat. This method means the prizes are raffled off in no particular order.
* The draw will take place in Bristol on Friday 12th September 2008 from 7pm.
* All money (after running costs) collected will be distributed evenly to 3 charities details at www.graffle.co.uk (no one receives any wages for there involvement in graffle)

Bristolexhibition venue is:
Bath Road

Tuesday 9th Sept 7pm - 10pm (invite only)
Wednesday 10th Sept 11am - 7:30pm
Thursday 11th Sept 11am - 7:30pm

Friday 12th Sept 7pm – 12pm

29 June 2008


Glostonbury, originally uploaded by knautia.

At Glostonbury - lovely little street party organised by the Golden Lion - skateramp, djs, barbeque, stalls and streetart - and all the boards painted over the w/end due to be auctioned off for charity in a few weeks time.... more info here when I hear!

Photos here

dandelion clocks

dandelion clocks, originally uploaded by knautia.

24 June 2008

unfinished graff

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23 June 2008


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loved coming across these - a whole host of them one sunny Saturday - gone by the Monday, but made me happy

22 June 2008

8th July - Weapon of Choice

woc-july-flyer-front-web, originally uploaded by cheba.

Live painting from Epok, Mr Riks and Molar

Mr Wolf's, 8th July

Abandon ship

Abandon ship, originally uploaded by knautia.

21 June 2008


It's the Glostobnury Street Festival!

Golden Lion, 244 Gloucester Road

22nd - 24th June

Mr Jago, China Mike, Rich T, dicey, cheo hine, lokey, FLX, sp

Looking forward to it!


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19 June 2008

feta? olives?

feta? olives?, originally uploaded by knautia.

14 June 2008

Tate Modern streetart tour

Lost, originally uploaded by knautia.

A few weeks ago I did the Tate Modern Streetart walking tour - which is a walking tour to see pieces done by invited artists round the streets of Southwark. It was the strangest thing - I come from SE London, and seeing Southwark all gentrified (and touristy!) is a real shock. Plus to have a walking tour taking place in a determinedly graff-free environment.... it's ok to invite over 'names' from other countries, but there was all kinds of evidence of buffing, and little sign of homegrown talent except in Mint Street Park.... plus bits and pieces were missing - either badly marked on the map, or, we suspected, stolen.... some are finadable if you look hard enough, others just aren't there at all... it is always good to have tours through places you wouldn't normally go, but I was kind of seething about what felt like an underlying message - the fact Tate (like the Baltic when it created the tour that accompanied the Spank the Monkey show last year) can choose which graff writers are importable artists - while the local scene is ignored and not worthy of even looking at.

(the honorable exceptions were pointing at exisiting graff in Rose Alley, and the huge fabulous production in Bear Gardens.... wish there'd been more like that...)

It's on until 25th August anyway..... yeah, I know it's not Bris, but if you're near there in the next few months, check it out and see what you think. My photos of it are here


13 June 2008


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12 June 2008

still there, still gorgeous

still there, still gorgeous, originally uploaded by knautia.

Graffiti show this weekend!

Sepr has been incredible on Stokes Croft lately, and here's more from him

This Saturday (14th June) from 11am to 6pm, at The Croft on Stokes Croft, Sepr is organising a free exhibition to celebrate (!?) the queens birthday featuring a range of different work from Body English, Epok, Motorboy, Poer, Samfrancisco, Dosar, Shikha Kuehn, Haka, Simon Lloyd, Sepr, Song, Rowdy, Flx, Tape Ears, True, Aero, Silent Hobo and more on the day.

There will be djs in the front bar and theres a new record shop opening upstairs that day.

It's free, it's great art, it has beer! What more could we need?

11 June 2008


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10 June 2008


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9 June 2008


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8 June 2008


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6 June 2008


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5 June 2008


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4 June 2008


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3 June 2008


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Graffle again!

In my inbox today....

"Graffle 2 – The Urban Art Raffle

Hopefully you will remember Graffle last Christmas, where the urban art community raised over £20,000 raffling their work for children’s charities. This summer Graffle will be back bigger and better than before, raising money for three children’s charities that support the life cycle of a young person.

This time:

- Each artist is donating an original piece of work.
- There will be exhibitions of the work in both London and Bristol (full details tbc).

- The artwork will be raffled with tickets sold for £10 each through www.graffle.co.uk

- Everybody stands an equal chance of winning an amazing piece of art.
- The money raised will be split equally between three charities that support the life cycle of a young person (see below).


45 rpm, Adam Koukoudakis, Andy Council, Beejoir, C215, Cheba, Copyright, Cyclops, Dicy, Dirquo, Dora, Dr.D, Eelus, Eine, gHOSTbOY, Goldie, Guy Denning, Herakut, Ian Francis, Jason Atomic, Jef Aerosol, John Squire, Guy, Mark Ward, Matt Small, Mau Mau, Miss Bugs, Motorboy, Mr Jago, Nick Walker, Pam Glew, Paris, Pure Evil, Sickboy, SPQR, Will Barras, Will St Leger, Xenz


NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) - expert medical care to vulnerable premature and sick newborn babies. (Bristol)

Fairbridge West - helping young people living with poverty, crime, drugs and hardship. (Bristol)

Richard House Children's Hospice - looks after children with life-limiting conditions during their journey through life to death, creating positive experiences along the way. (London)

For more information and updates visit: www.graffle.co.uk"

There's nothing on the website as yet - but you can sign up and they'll tell you when tickets go on sale. It's a damn good cause - and I know people who won things from it last time. I used to work with Richard House and they are excellent.... Can't wait for this - the chance to get amazing art for £10 *and* raise money for excellent charities....

2 June 2008


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1 June 2008


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