26 February 2010


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25 February 2010


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23 February 2010


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door creature

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22 February 2010

One planet, one chance

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21 February 2010


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14 February 2010

The Art of Democracy - 5th March to 15th April

New show in The Bristol Gallery, starring some of my favourite street artists - FLX, Jef Row (in his D*Frost incarnation, with Andy Stott) and Inkie, among others

Opening night: Friday 5th March, from 7pm
Show: 6th March to 15th April, Mon to Fri, 10-6, Sat & Sun 10-5

Bristol Gallery, Unit 2, Building 8, Millenium Promenade, Harbourside, BS1 5TY

(If, like me, you had no idea where that is, there's a map here)

12 February 2010

More Malasaña graffiti

Malasaña, originally uploaded by knautia.

Random news and stuff

It's the last chance to see the Andy Council show at the Weapon of Choice gallery before it comes down on Sunday

Weapon of Choice, 14 St Michael's Hill, Bristol, BS2 8TD


Exit through the gift shop, the Banksy film is out on 5th March, and will be on at the Watershed then, according to Cheba, the source of all knowledge .


3dom has got some great prints for sale, only 22 available, £40 each - check'em out here: http://3dom22.blogspot.com/2010/02/22.html


MKWF has put this great collection of Bristol handstyles up on his blog. It's very simple, very lovely, shows the huge diversity of talent and variety in the city, I love it. Have a look here, and then spend some time on his blog, it's a nice one.


The Sickboy Show is still on at the Friend and Co gallery, until 27th February

Friend and Co, 24 Park Row, Bristol, BS1 5LJ

11 February 2010

Back in Bristol!

Midas eye, originally uploaded by knautia.

And the best thing about being home (apart from the fact I can't here my neighbours in the beathroom or the bedroom) is walking past the Deaner and seeing brand new graff! This is by Midas, on this wall:


Also this, by Deamz and Ziml:


Patio de Maravillas

Patio de Maravillas, originally uploaded by knautia.

This was something I found through the superb Urban Art trail, put together by Guillermo de Madrid for the Unofficial Tourism strand of Madrid Abierto - we'd passed the end of the street a few nights before, but hadn't gone down it, which would've been gutting if I hadn't seen this. I didn't see Guillermo's blog until this morning, which was our last in Madrid, but I wish I'd seen it earlier, it's full of amazing things, you should definitely look. (Massive thanks to dug da bug for pointing me in that direction, and also for all the info on Madrid writers)

(We only found the Unofficial Tourism caravan on our penultimate day, otherwise I would have done all the tours... especially the "bars over 100 years old" tour... and the flourescent lights tour.... and the rest of the urban arts tour.... The thing I liked best about it the brochure, though, was the words about the Cañada Tour - really hard-hitting)

Anyway, I'm back in Bris now, with about 11 films to develop and a massive backlog of Madrid graff - as I get around to it, I'll put it up in my flickr set if you're interested - but in the meantime, here's a wall we found earlier today...

Plaza del Juan Pujol

10 February 2010


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9 February 2010

Calle del Pez

Calle Pez, originally uploaded by knautia.

8 February 2010


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7 February 2010

stencil - Madrid

stencil, originally uploaded by knautia.


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6 February 2010

Madrid pasteup

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5 February 2010

Imagina - Madrid

Imagina, originally uploaded by knautia.


Malasaña pasteup, originally uploaded by knautia.

3 February 2010

Bye to Bris for a bit

I'm off to Madrid, so be prepared for a big pile of "Not Bristol - Madrid" pics in the near future... and any hints of where to find graff over there, let me know!

Anyway, don't forget the shows this week:

Friday 5th - 27th February - Sickboy presents Logopop Bristol
Friend & Co gallery, 24 Park Row, information here

Saturday 6th February - Cheo night of pictures, live painting and noise
Golden Guinea, Guinea Street, information here


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2 February 2010

Reality is merely an illusion

Reality is merely an illusion, originally uploaded by knautia.


Boring (Wake up!), originally uploaded by knautia.

1 February 2010


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Sickboy presents Logopop Bristol

holga sickboy, originally uploaded by knautia.

Break out your yellow and red paint and all your secret temples! Sickboy's back in town!

He's having a show at the Friend & Co Gallery (in their new venue, *not* the little small Glos Road one) starting Friday and lasting til the end of the month

You can see more of Sickboy's fabulous work here - and more about the show here. God, I love Sickboy's stuff, he's one of the reasons I got into graff in the first place, him and Jef Row. I miss his stuff being around Bristol, it made me grin and feel a bit happier to see his temples, even on the dullest days. Anyway, my pics of his stuff here

Sickboy presents Logopop Bristol
Private view: February 5th, 7-10pm
Show: 6th - 27th 2010, Tues - Sat 10am - 6pm

Friend & Co Gallery, 24 Park Row, Bristol, BS1 5LJ