27 April 2009


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26 April 2009

Ziml bits

Ziml bits, originally uploaded by knautia.

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Crimes of Passion - the last chance! Party 4th May

"To mark the end of this much-acclaimed exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy, we are throuwing a PARTY, all are welcome. Tickets £4

4th May 2009 (Bank Holiday Monday)
6.00pm until 12 midnight
The RWA, Queens Road,Clifton, Bristol
0117 973 5129

Book your tickets from the Reception at the RWA or payment on the door

DJs from back in the day
Licensed refreshments
Innovative snakcs
Dress code - use your imagination
Bring your parents
Buy prints"

25 April 2009

Housing is a right

Housing is a right, originally uploaded by knautia.

24 April 2009


sickboy, originally uploaded by knautia.

I love Sickboy and I love his blog.

I'd love to post pics of new stuff of his in Brizzle, but he's gone, sigh...


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23 April 2009

Let some Mag1c into your life

Magic floorphoto, originally uploaded by knautia.

I do love the work of Mag1c, and now there's a chance to buy some of his canvasses at extra special knock-down prices.

Check them out under the 'canvas' section of his website here... bargainous!

19 April 2009

Weapon of choice gallery

Weapon of choice gallery opening, originally uploaded by cheba.

I've always had a massive soft spot for Cheba, and his Weapon of Choice nights at Mr Wolf's are things I always regret missing (Tuesdays = school nights!) so I'm really looking forward to him opening his gallery/shop/art space/empire.

1st show opens 8th May, and runs to 2nd June. Live painting on 8th, and check the wide range of fabulous the shop with do: Vintage & artist made clothing. Posterman pens. Fairtrade tea/coffee. Books

14 St Michael's Hill, Bristol, BS2 8DT
Tues/Wed/Fri/Sat 11-6, Thursdays 11-7, Sunday 12-4
opening 6-10pm

There'll be a proper website here, and you can sign up for the mailing list there too

Flyer pinched from Cheba's flickr

Least Wanted

Least Wanted, originally uploaded by knautia.

14 April 2009

The Making of Crimes of Passion

WHAT, originally uploaded by knautia.

Crimes of Passion has been one of the huge successes for 2009 and one of the most contemporary events held at the Royal West of England Academy. With record numbers of visitors through the door and national press, 50 graffiti and street artists have taken over Bristol's oldest and grandest gallery and wreaked havoc from ceiling to floor.

The show was put together over 3 weeks of chaos and creativity, with the galleries full of paint fumes, plastic, scaffolding, stencils, music and collaboration. Throughout this a group of students from the University of the West of England's photography degree course documented the process from blank walls to the break-dancing on the opening night. These are being put together into a resource for the new Museum of Bristol, but now we're offering you a chance to follow the development of the show.

The Making of Crimes of Passion at the Fedden Gallery in the basement of the Royal West of England Gallery

Opens Friday 17th April and runs until 28th May
Royal West of England Academy, Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1PX
Free entry

Crimes of Passion website: www.crimesofpassion.info
Royal West of England Academy: http://www.rwa.org.uk/

11 April 2009


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10 April 2009

Least Wanted - pasted

Least Wanted - pasted, originally uploaded by knautia.

Least Wanted's outdoor pasteups to go with Steal From Work's latest show Justice

3rd - 26th April 2009, Thursdays - Saturdays 12-7, Sundays 12-4
Old Bridewell Police Station - entrance through the double doors on Nelson Street

9 April 2009

Graff night and party at the Cube on Saturday!

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this one... To go with Crimes of Passion, there's a mini graffiti film season on at the fabulous Cube Microplex - showing Wild Style on Sunday 12th April and Bomb It on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. And Saturday 11th April is also the Crimes of Passion Party with tunes, live painting, film shorts and a good time, for only £5 or 6. I think this will be a good one....

8 April 2009

Scratched graff

SweetCeptClops, originally uploaded by knautia.

7 April 2009

bye bye Bush

bye bye Bush, originally uploaded by knautia.

5 April 2009

G20 - shut it!

G20 - shut it!, originally uploaded by knautia.

Endless hunger

Endless hunger, originally uploaded by knautia.

Sepr - on this wall

3 April 2009

C215 - Justice

C215, originally uploaded by knautia.

C215 at Steal From Work's latest show.

C215, Dan23, Bruno Leyval, MC1984 and Least Wanted making site-specific installations in the cells at the old Bridewell Police Station - I hhighly, highly recommend this one....

3rd - 26th April 2009, Thursdays - Saturdays 12-7, Sundays 12-4


Pictures here

2 April 2009


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1 April 2009


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