30 November 2008

Children of the Can Jam!

Dicy-Soker-Feek-Ponk, originally uploaded by knautia.

It was a freezing weekend, but despite the sub-zero temperatures and Arctic winds off the Avon, a huge posse of fabulous and talented writers from waaaaay back in the day through to the brandest of new mustered on the harbourside to paint the Bristol Museum fence.

All this choreographed by FLX, in honour of the publication of Children of the Can: 25 Years of Bristol Graffiti. For more info, see FLX's blog here... Had such a good time, meeting people whose stuff I've loved from the book (and being too shy to say hello to others - if you ever read this, hello!) as well as catching up with a whole load of people I admire... Am just about thawed out, and i just turned up at the ends and took pics!

Because of cold, life, all sorts of things, the fence isn't finished yet... but watch this space for the joiner to end all joiners in a few weeks... and in the meantime enjoy these - with more here




Andy Council:
Andy Council



22 November 2008

Children of the Can - it's here!

Looky looky, Check the booky!, originally uploaded by knautia.

You might have noticed me wittering about this already, but the book is out!

FLX, a highly respected writer who's been painting Bristol on and off for over 20 years, has just published "Children of the Can: 25 years of Bristol Graffiti. FLX has interviewed pretty much all the major writers who've painted the city, and put it in the context of the politics and society... he's got superb photos that span graff from right back in the day to just a month or so again. I have to admit, it includes some of my pics too - but I've got no financial interest in it at all.

It's bloody good! You can see bits that didn't fit into the book on FLX's blog here, and order it from the publishers here.....

recognise this photo? Soker pages

17 November 2008


backwall, originally uploaded by knautia.

15 November 2008


Sepr-Soker-Cheo, originally uploaded by knautia.

I adore this one - see it in context here

11 November 2008

Pam Glew

Opening Night, originally uploaded by knautia.

Opening night of Pam Glew's show, the latest from Steal From Work - it's on for another month or so - go see it!

2 November 2008


Soker, originally uploaded by knautia.

Soker and Cheo's Hallowe'en wall

Soker and Cheo's Hallowe'en wall, originally uploaded by knautia.