15 October 2008

Children of the Can: 25 years of Bristol graffiti

It's no secret that I'm going crazy waiting for the release of Children of the Can: 25 Years of Bristol Graffiti, the forthcoming book by Felix Braun aka FLX. It'll be out before Xmas - 233 pages with over 1,000 photos (some by me!) and interviews of pretty much everyone who's painted in Bristol over the last 25 years. It's very much at the top of my Xmas list, if i don't die of impatience first....

....but, to keep me going until it comes out, there's the brand new Children of the Can blog. It's got some stories and thoughts from FLX that didn't fit in the book, and will have a whole load of pics and stuff he just didn't have room for.... This is pretty much the strongest recommendation I've ever made - check it out! It'll also have news about when we can pre-order it, and the launch party (yeah, I know, I'm a lush, but I can't resist the lure of opening nights and launch parties!) and other exciting stuff.... seriously, get over there right now!


FLX said...

Yo Sarah
thanks for the biggup. The book's actually 288 pages, so that's an extra 55 to reward your patience! More news soon on the launch, etc. Just put up two new posts, btw.

knautia said...

oooh, fabulous - more than I thought! Hooray!