7 March 2010

Cheo 3dom commission

Taken by Cheo, I love it, I wish it was in my garden


paul said...

was this piece done on the back of a residential home or the back of a shack? it's kinda hard to tell because the piece covers the whole back of the building? is there actually a door there?

Hurlstone said...

This is defo my favourite, would love this in my garden!
I'm organising an event this Friday and am looking for people interested in visual art including street art - are you free? I can send you more info if so...

Hurlstone said...
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Hurlstone said...


I had to cancel the pre-party event on the 30th of April because I could not get enough people together unfortunately. Everyone seemed to be leaving Bristol for the weekend!

As well as introducing you to the Havana Cultura project on Friday I wanted to let you know about about this event on May 14th with Gilles Peterson.

It would be great if you can support this Cuban event locally, perhaps linking with the street artists associated with the project?

I have requested detailed information, what I do know is 45RPM, Rob L, Paris and Xenz are involved and they are producing 3 large scale graffiti walls as well as some shutter murals.

I can happily arrange guestlist and tickets to give to readers as well as supporting merchandise if of interest.

I look forward to your response,

Kind regards,