5 February 2009

Weapon of Choice - Jody and Jef Row - 10th Feb, Mr Wolf's

woc-feb-09-fly, originally uploaded by cheba.

I have to admite, although I always want to, I've never been to a Weapon of Choice, seeing as it's on a schoolnight. But this one, this one's special. Jody is just incredible - really amazing graff from way back. I saw a whole load of photos of his stuff for Children of the Can - and his pages are some of the best in the book. And I always love Jef Row's stuff - it was his monkey stencil that made me really start looking at graffiti - it's because of him I started to love it, and take photos and get hugely obsessed... So it should be a good one, and I can't wait. Here's to workday hangovers!

Flyer stolen from Cheba, the man behind Weapon of Choice, and all-round superstar

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