11 February 2010

Patio de Maravillas

Patio de Maravillas, originally uploaded by knautia.

This was something I found through the superb Urban Art trail, put together by Guillermo de Madrid for the Unofficial Tourism strand of Madrid Abierto - we'd passed the end of the street a few nights before, but hadn't gone down it, which would've been gutting if I hadn't seen this. I didn't see Guillermo's blog until this morning, which was our last in Madrid, but I wish I'd seen it earlier, it's full of amazing things, you should definitely look. (Massive thanks to dug da bug for pointing me in that direction, and also for all the info on Madrid writers)

(We only found the Unofficial Tourism caravan on our penultimate day, otherwise I would have done all the tours... especially the "bars over 100 years old" tour... and the flourescent lights tour.... and the rest of the urban arts tour.... The thing I liked best about it the brochure, though, was the words about the Cañada Tour - really hard-hitting)

Anyway, I'm back in Bris now, with about 11 films to develop and a massive backlog of Madrid graff - as I get around to it, I'll put it up in my flickr set if you're interested - but in the meantime, here's a wall we found earlier today...

Plaza del Juan Pujol

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Escrito en la pared said...

Glups, wow, thanks for all those words, really glad you liked both the itinerary and the blog, i've been enjoying yours for a few days now, since someone left a comment on mine referring to it...

As for the flourescent lights and bars over 100 years old tours, i think you'll be able to do them next time you visit Madrid, no problem. :)

I should definitely thank dug... again. :)

BTW, great picture of the Patio Maravillas wall.

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