14 June 2008

Tate Modern streetart tour

Lost, originally uploaded by knautia.

A few weeks ago I did the Tate Modern Streetart walking tour - which is a walking tour to see pieces done by invited artists round the streets of Southwark. It was the strangest thing - I come from SE London, and seeing Southwark all gentrified (and touristy!) is a real shock. Plus to have a walking tour taking place in a determinedly graff-free environment.... it's ok to invite over 'names' from other countries, but there was all kinds of evidence of buffing, and little sign of homegrown talent except in Mint Street Park.... plus bits and pieces were missing - either badly marked on the map, or, we suspected, stolen.... some are finadable if you look hard enough, others just aren't there at all... it is always good to have tours through places you wouldn't normally go, but I was kind of seething about what felt like an underlying message - the fact Tate (like the Baltic when it created the tour that accompanied the Spank the Monkey show last year) can choose which graff writers are importable artists - while the local scene is ignored and not worthy of even looking at.

(the honorable exceptions were pointing at exisiting graff in Rose Alley, and the huge fabulous production in Bear Gardens.... wish there'd been more like that...)

It's on until 25th August anyway..... yeah, I know it's not Bris, but if you're near there in the next few months, check it out and see what you think. My photos of it are here


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