30 June 2008

Graffle update

copied and pasted from Z303's post in the Bristol graff flickr group

Just got a new update:

All preparations are going full steam ahead in the graffle camp and
the clock is ticking, this year we will be holding 2 exhibitions firstly in London and then in Bristol where the grand draw will be hosted.

* Tickets are £10 each
* Tickets will be on sale at both the shows up until the night of the draw.
* Online tickets are on sale from Friday 18 July to Wednesday 10 September 08.
* Artwork that has been donated for the graffle will be displayed on www.graffle.co.uk from 18 July 08.
* Each artwork prize will be given a unique number. On the night of the draw an artwork number will be selected at random from a hat. The prize winners ticket will then be drawn from a second hat. This method means the prizes are raffled off in no particular order.
* The draw will take place in Bristol on Friday 12th September 2008 from 7pm.
* All money (after running costs) collected will be distributed evenly to 3 charities details at www.graffle.co.uk (no one receives any wages for there involvement in graffle)

Bristolexhibition venue is:
Bath Road

Tuesday 9th Sept 7pm - 10pm (invite only)
Wednesday 10th Sept 11am - 7:30pm
Thursday 11th Sept 11am - 7:30pm

Friday 12th Sept 7pm – 12pm

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